Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation & Construction New York City

We have been designing and renovating kitchens in New York City for over 10 years. If you are looking for a new kitchen design or remodel in New York City or the surrounding boroughs contact FSB Consulting today for all your remodeling needs.

Thinking about a new kitchen for your New York home? Look no further than FSB Consulting Corp. we can design and remodel the kitchen of your dreams to your exact specifications. We are New York City’s professional kitchen designers and contractors of choice.

The prevailing thought that remodeling your kitchen may actually yield increased property value over the cost of the remodel itself has in fact proven true in New York City and the surrounding boroughs as property values have, with but a few hiccups here and there have continuously risen over time.

At FSB Consulting Corp. our kitchen remodeling projects are designed within your budget, including labor and materials. We will supply you with a written estimate prior to the project beginning based on kitchen plans and designs, plus we can also offer you multiple options too. A comprehensive kitchen renovation in New York City or the surrounding boroughs does not need to cost you a fortune or go beyond the means of the homeowners.  FSB Consulting can handle all the details of your kitchen remodeling including project management so no detail is overlooked, as an owner operated interior design and interior construction company we provide peace of mind during your remodeling experience.

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