New York Interior
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New York Interior Design

In-house Design Team

We offer interior design services to NYC homes and businesses if you think it we can build it. One of our in-house designers can visit your space whether it be commercial or residential and hear about your ideas, tastes and style choices. If you are looking for expert advice our designers will be able to offer tips on furniture, color, accessories, and other simple ways to immediately rethink your space.

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Why hire FSB Consulting Corp?

In House Design

An Interior designer will show you ways to make your house feel more like a home to you, our designers have only your interests in mind and not just a sale.

Experienced Contractor

When hiring an experienced, professional and licensed contractor you can ensure your interior construction project is handled in the correct manner.

Construction Management

FSB Consulting Corp. offers complete construction management from the planning, coordinating, and building of a project from conception to completion.

Professional Representation

We speak the same language as the architect or design-build firm, and other construction professionals, but our loyalties are with the building owners.

Cost Benefit

The benefits of dealing with a professional interior construction company means improved efficiency resulting in more effective project savings.

Construction Schedule

You can save time and money using FSB Construction Corp. Effective management project scheduling is designed to enhance control of the construction projects.

New York Construction Services

FSB Consulting Corp

For over a decade FSB Consulting has been meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients, New York City property owners need a local builder who is flexible, reliable and able to tailor construction services to meet those individual client needs.

At FSB Consulting Corp. we are accustomed to working very closely with property owners and architects to accomplish construction project goals and exceed client expectations. It is our belief that building strong client relationships will produce construction projects of superior quality, maintain control of costs and accelerate schedule performance. FSB Consulting is committed to managing construction project details and protecting the best interests of our clients.

Contact FSB CONSULTING CORP. about our Interior Construction services in New York City 1-718-606-8810